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  4. Title: That is the name of your override. That is also the only compulsory field in our form
    GIST URL: Here you should insert the URL of your GIST project. Don't have an account there? Here you can register. Of course we would accept, if you don't like to create an account in Github. In this case let the field empty and send us an email with your code. We will insert it for you.
    Autoralias: Normally let it empty. It will take your name from your profile
    Tags: Here you should insert your override type, e. g. "com_content" and some keys related to your override, e. g. "blog layout".
    Intro and full article image: The image will appears in the overview and inside your override, after we activate your article
    More questions?: Then please use our contact form, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

  5. We will proof your code and publish the article.

Dear Guest,

We are pleased that you wish to support our project submitting an override or trying to register here as a developer.

As we strive to achieve the best possible result for the community, we are now working on a new optimized workflow for the submission of overrides and developers and have therefore disabled this function temporarily. For this reason, you are now reading this information page :-).

Of course we don't want to ignore your engagement, so we would ask you to contact us through the contact form. We will create a developer profile and / or post your override for you.

Thank you and hope for your understanding.

Your j!-over Team

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