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If you are not sure how to create a Template Override or how to use it as Alternative Layout, you can check our FAQ first.

With this Template Override we have created a coworkers list (Mitarbeiterliste) in blog layout. In this way customers or new coworkers can be easily added, edited, deleted or sorted. 

Since a blog layout can already been used in our template, we will need an alternative layout and additionally a XML file. After you upload the files in your template, you will see a new menu type under Articles. In our preview we have deactivated the title link and the metadata. Additionally we have activated the category description and defined a page name. In this way you can use for the menu item this layout and you don't get collitions with other blog layouts. Additionally you need for this override an alternative layout from "/html/layouts/content/intro_image.php".

Your template structure should now look like this:

  1. /yourTemplate/html/com_content/category/mitarbeiter.xml
  2. /yourTemplate/html/com_content/category/mitarbeiter.php
  3. /yourTemplate/html/com_content/category/mitarbeiter_item.php
  4. /yourTemplate/html/com_content/category/mitarbeiter_children.php
  5. /yourTemplate/html/com_content/category/mitarbeiter_links.php
  6. /yourTemplate/html/layouts/jover/intro_image.php

The CSS definitions can be added to your template CSS file.

Tonino Gerns
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