A year of work, commitment and consent.

First of all we want to say thanks to all of you, who supported our project. As we started with the basic idea of j!-over, we did not expect such an engagement from the community. Very soon the non-German-speaking Joomla! community was involved and we offered our project also in other languages. Thus we quickly were able to find sponsors who where willing to support our project and finally we got the award as "Innovation of the Year". Yes, the time went fast.

Now we want to give something back to you and we still need you, sending us overrides. That's why we officially start our "j! -over Birthday contest" today!

What is the j! -over Birthday contest?

We spoke to Yireo (Jisse Reitsma), known as the author of the book "Programming Joomla plugins". We are very happy, he agreed on providing 5 copies of his outstanding book as sponsorship and we are happy to give them to you. Doesn't that sound great?

How do I participate in the lottery?

Quite simply, you only need to submit a new template override. It does not matter when, how many and in what quality the override was provided. Anyone who has supported the project with at least one override is automatically eligible to win. Have we piqued your interest?

When is the deadline?

All overrides that are submitted until 30th of April 2016 participate on the prize draw. But for now: start coding!

How does the lottery work?

Each submitted template override including the author will be written on a piece of paper and given into the lottery pot. An author of several overrides, therefore has a greater chance that one of his overrides is drawn. If an author is drawn twice, the second one will be skipped. We want to distribute the books fairly, so each drawn author gets only one book. The draw will be filmed without comments and the video will be shared via Youtube and on our website. You lose precious time!

I would like to participate, but I own the book already!

If this is the case, you can of course submit the override and let us know. This should not hold you back from submitting overrides. We thank you very much!

We hope for active participation and wish all participants good luck.

You don't need to wait anymore!

logo jover

Our new optimized workflow is finished.

What is new?

The best, you try to find it out by yourself :-) Here is the list of the most important changes:

  • All views are free from CCK, and are realized as own overrides of the Joomla Core files.
  • You can send overrides by your own. You only need to register in our site and then under your user profile you can call the form "Send override".
  • For the management of the code snippets we decided to use the service "GIST" from Github.

On time with the new release, we want to welcome two new sponsors, that want to promote our work and support us with their extensions. Thank to JeXtensions Store and Kubik-Rubik Extensions. We want also to mention again our main sponsor Siteground.

Despite extensive tests on all languages, it is possible that you find some errors - we are not perfect. We will be grateful, if you inform us about errors. In the next days we will work on your feedback and make some changes to further improve our offer.

Thank you,

your j!-over team.

pragFor the sixt time consecutively took place the J and Beyond conference. The Joomla-World met in Prag under the motto "Golden times ahead". And we got golden days: 7 very interesting and sometimes very emotional keynotes; 43 talks about Joomla, extensions, programming and tools; an evening with awards and a talent show; a full afternoon for "Make it happen" and also a quiz afternoon, that was offered the first time as livestream.

During the conference it was also enough time to meet friends again or meet new people. "Virtual collegues" met in person, friendship and partnership developed.

But our personal highlight at the JAB2015 was the award "Innovation of the Year" for our project j!-over. We didn't expect such a price, we are very surprised and proud of it. We want to heartily thank the jury, that recognised the potential of our project.

JOSCAR für j!-over

What a surprise!

Nice weather, fantastic people. All that on the J and Beyond conference 2015 in Prag.

And then came the moment, the 29th May 2015, the J.O.S.C.A.R.S. awards ceremony. Unsuspecting, our project, that begann as a small, german-speaking project, got the award "Innovation of the year". 

That is a great honor for us and we take it as incentive to work further on our project and give the best for the Community. In the meantime is j!-over multilingual in the languages German, English and Spanish.

We want to say thanks to all people, that welcome our project and help us to make it better.

xing moin

Back 2 the roots.

From Friday, 18th until Saturday, 19th September 2015 the Joomla! Day Germany will take place in Hamburg

Ticket Shop.

Have fun!

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And the J.O.S.C.A.R. goes to...

JAB15 logo Our project won on the J and Beyond 2015 the J.O.S.C.A.R. as "Innovation of the Year".


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