What are language overrides?

Here we want to explain you what language overrides are and how you can use them.

With language overrides, also known as text overrides, you can change the output of text to fit your needs.

Inside an override for example you can have the following code:

<?php echo JText::_( 'JOVER_TUTORIAL' );?>

In this case JOVER_TUTORIAL is our variable, in the backend we can fill it with text.

The benefit is that we can output the text in several languages. For example if we insert a text like "Geschrieben von" (written by) before the author's name in a blog override, this output will stay always in German. Using a variable we can create language overrides for each language we need and output the text in the correct language.

That is why we use language overrides and show you which variables you need to create for your languages.

In the next article we will show you how to create such a language override.

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